Corner Office is one of the latest lighting project I had the privilege to be part of. The success of this collaborative project is the result of the hard work of a group of talented people who came together to develop this unique product. I look forward to working side by side on future projects with Peter Stathis and the talented Pablo's studio crew!

Here is a quick description of Corner Office. Today, everyplace is a workplace. And due to the constantly changing landscape of work, many times even our own offices can be as inconvenient, uninviting and distracting as anyplace else.

Corner Office is designed to enhance today’s open plan offices and ad-hoc workplaces by providing one’s own comfortable workstation within these dynamic environments. By providing power, light and workplace privacy all in one easy to set up unit, Corner Office brings heightened efficiency and well-being to any desk. When used singly, Corner Office provides a quiet alcove or touchdown space. When arranged in multiples, it provides individual privacy within larger, open shared spaces. Corner Office represents a new type of product for today’s new type of productivity.
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